I didn't set out to be a coach, originally I was more interested in personal training and helping people get in shape. Initially it seemed enough for me to just create diets and workout plans, motivate them and hold them accountable.

And that would be it.

What I found was that most people are great at seeing results initially and staying motivated only to fall back into their old habits and routines, lose the same weight over and over again, and end up frustrated and discouraged time and time again that they could never keep the weight off.


When I asked my clients what they thought their sticking points were or what they needed to fix it was…

“I need be better with my diet”

“I need to be more disciplined”

“I need to be more consistent”

“I need to find a way to stay more motivated”

So I set up about how to help create more diet options that fit more in alignment with their lifestyles, kept workouts more exciting and increased the pressure on my clients to stay disciplined and consistent (as they wanted)

But it still wasn't working past a few weeks of “being on the wagon” and then falling off again.

This repeated for several years and I became frustrated with myself for not being able to help my clients achieve the results they wanted and I slowly started to resent my clients for “not wanting it bad enough” and for wasting my time.

Eventually I realized that my clients knew what to do but couldn't seem to do it!

So it wasn't an “information” problem so much as it was an “implementation” problem. 

So I set about learning how to create LONG LASTING CHANGE in my clients through the means of behavior psychology, the neuroscience behind transformation, and various aspects of personal development.

For the clients who have decided to work with me on this approach they have:

  • Lost weight without restriction, deprivation, and control over food

  • Ended the cycle of shame and guilt about their bodies to motivate themselves

  • Finally ended their battle with food and their bodies and found freedom from the “diet trap”

The effects on their lives have been is that many have found new passions in their life that lay dormant due to high levels of stress, anxiety, and frustration creating more fulfillment, meaning and happiness.

Moved on to find better career paths that were more aligned with their values gifts and talents.

Discovered their TRUE value in the world and how to create more significance and impact with their abilities.

What I love most about coaching is that many of the struggles and frustrations people struggle with can be overcome with a simple conversation.

A conversation about where they are now, where they want to go, and what is seemingly in the way of them getting there.

A conversation about creating more simplicity in their lives instead of more complexity.

A conversation about creating more calm in their lives instead of adding more chaos.

A conversation about creating more structure in their lives instead of being scattered.

A conversation about creating more progress in their lives instead of aiming for perfection.

A conversation about creating more momentum in their lives instead of relying on motivation.

A conversation about truly becoming the person they want to be, but couldn’t do it alone.


The answers you seek will be found by aligning yourself with your own truth.
— Galen