Memento Mori

As I was brushing my teeth this morning I found my first few grey hairs on my beard...

A wonderful reminder of mortality at 4:30 in the morning.

This year has gone by fast, and every year it seems to go by a bit faster.

"It's funny how day by day nothing has changed. But when you look back everything is different."

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors, Bill Watterson.

With that sentiment also comes the fact that time is limited.

We are all on a deadline and we don't have as much time as we think we do

The physical signs of aging are a stark reminder of that.

This has been on my mind for much of the day and the muse for today's blog.

As I'm sitting on my balcony facing westward on this beautiful fall day with our dog who intently looking out at the street below without anything pressing to do...

I've been taking stock of the previous 31 years of my life and thinking about where I am now, compared to where I thought I would be when leaving college and entering the "real world" 

Although I have yet to understand exactly what the real world is.

I have surpassed my previous expectations in terms of goals, career position and income, (funny how once you arrive to where you wanted to be, it's not quite how you imagined it )

And have meditated quite intently on the concept of the future self and unearned credit we apply to this form of self.

Tomorrow I will...

Next time...

After this _____

The "someday" has come and gone already for quite a few of the things I said I would do by now and the can has been kicked down the road yet again.

Days turn into weeks which turn into months which turn into years which turn into a lifetime.

In the end, how we choose to spend our days is how we spend our life.

Hopefully our days are experienced exactly or very close to how we really desire them to be.

In a way that is an expression of our values, beliefs, purpose and gifts.

That our days are not ones in which we try to escape from, but engage in at a deeper level.

That our days are not filled with worry and anxiety about the future or of rumination about the past.

That we don't fear the world and the people in it because we have a full understanding and knowing of who and what we are.

If you examine this a bit closer...

Why choose to live your life in any other way?

With the limited amount of time we have in our human spacesuit, does it make sense NOT to live our soul's expression for why we are here?

Of course there are self-justifications, rationalizations, but's and cant's that could follow this question 

But for a moment, play the tape forward another 30 years or so when you've reached the last stages of your life.

With that in mind, are you NOW fulfilling what you desire and want to experience?

Realizing that there is a finish line approaching can yield a perspective of urgency around what you said you would and want to do.

There is nothing more imprisoning than ever present feeling of wanting without having.

There is nothing more liberating when you realize you can create exactly what you want.

Momento Mori- Remember, you are mortal.